Trust Governance

Anti - Ragging Policy

  • Ragging in MGMUHS is is totally banned and strictly prohibited as per the provisions of following Acts and Regulations:
  • "Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999" from Government of Maharashtra
  • "UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009"
  • If any student find involved in, guilty of or abetting the ragging strict disciplinary action shall initiated and shall be penalized as per the provisions of above acts and regulations.
  • The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohbition and Redressal) Act, 2013

UGC Anti - Ragging Act


The amendment of Anti Ragging Committee constituted for 2019-20. Established under directives of Suprem Court of India / Govt. of India Notification Gazzette of India dated 4th July 2009 and u/s 26(1) of UGC Act 1956 dated1 17/06/2009 to keep strict vigilance on ragging is as follows.

Sr.No. Members Department Contact No Email Id Designation
Dr. Mansee Thakur Director, SBSNM 9769909212 Chairperson
Dr. Himanshu Gupta Assistant Professor.|Medical Biotechnology 9969000051 Secretary
Dr. Sameer Pachpute Associate Professor 9594937755 Member (Faculty)
Dr. Sameer Kadam Professor & Head, Surgery 9594773336 Member (Faculty)
Dr. Priayanka Pareek Assistant Professor, Clinical Nutrition 8143640995 Member (Faculty)
J.K. Nath Repreenatative of NGO 9821060034 Member
Ms. Akshita Jain Student Representative 9167031413 Fresher Student
Ms. Asmita Jadhav Student Representative 8369228529 Sr. Student
Mrs. Sodamini Soni Reprensatative of Parents (UG) 9022246384 Member
Mr. Piyush Shah Reprensatative of Parents (PG) 9594959456 Member
Mrs. Poonam Patil Non-Teaching Staff 8879326770 Member
Shri Balkrishn Kishan Bhosale Kamothe Police Station 9870201440 Reprensatative of Police Admin
Mr. Nagendranath Maruti Dahihande Reporter 8898874595 / 8655748697 Reprensatative of Media
Mr. Birendra Kumar Hostel, Warden 7977586210 Member

The complaint should be given at institutional level. i.g. Dept / Hospital / College / MGMIHS Before complaining to regulatory bodies is mandatory.

For the smooth and comfortable entry of the newly admitted students. All are requested to keep vigilance to see that no untoward activities take place in our college.


A Student Grievance Committee is constitute at MGM School of Biomedical College, Navi Mumbai, as under to look into the complains of students and their problems

Sr.No. Members Department Contact No Email Id Role in SGRC
Dr. Parineeta Samant Professor, Biochemistry 8879047048 Chairperson
Dr. Pradeep Sawardekar Professor, Community Medicine 9820958282 Member
Dr. Himanshu Gupta Assistant Professor, Medical Biotechnology 9969000051 Member
Dr. Priyanka Pareek Assistant Professor, Clinical Nutrition 8143640995 Member
Dr. Rohit Gupta Lecturer, Optometry 9082546204 Member
Ms. Misba Khan Student Representative 7400338372 Special Invitee

Aims & Objectives :

  • The Grievance Redressal Cell of the college performs the vital function of maintaining healthy and cordial relation between the teacher and the students. In the meeting , the students / Non Teaching Staff can express their view-points without any inhibition.
  • Sincere efforts should be made by the college authorities to solve their genuine problems of the students.
  • Suggestion and Complaint boxes (SOP) are placed in the college campus which helps the authorities to get feedback from the student community and make suitable amendments.
  • Grievance Redressal Cell register SOP & Guidelines.


(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 & Amendment)

A committee is constituted in MGM School of Biomedical Sciences, Navi Mumbai as per UGC / MGMIHS.

Aim & Oblective:- Maintain Harassment Free Environment for Women in work place & Students in College.

The Committee to deal with the complaints of sexual harassment in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India relating to sexual harassment of women workers at work places & students in college. The Supreme Court of India held that sexual harassment of women is a violation of the fundamnetal right of women to work in a safe environment

Sr.No. Members Department Contact No Email Designation
Dr. Anjali Subnis Professor & HOD, Genetics 9820493036 Presiding Officer
Dr. Mini Mol P. Associate Professor, Anatomy 9819404596 Faculty Member
Dr. Priyanka Pareek Assistant Professor, Clinical Nutrition 8143640995 Faculty Member
J.K. Nath Repreenatative of NGO 9821060034 Member
Mr. Yogesh Patil Student Representative (Ph.D) 9987227503 Student
Ms. Jeel Shah Student Representative (M.Sc.) 9588912000 jeelshah2000$ Student
Ms. Ashwin Pawar Student Representative (B.Sc.) 9167425688 Student
Mrs. Supriya pawar Admin 9833803528 Non Teaching
Mr. Akash Katariya Account 7021219731 Non Teaching

The Role of the Committee

  • To act as Inquiry Authority on a complaint of sexual harassment.
  • To ensure that victims and witnesses are not victimized or discriminated because of their complaint.
  • No Women shall be subjected to sexual harassment at any workplace or College
  • To take proactive measures towords sensitization of the staff, Students and Faculty members
  • if anyone is not satifed with college level dicision then he/she can approch to MGM Instiute of Health Sciences (

The complaint should be given at institutional level. i.g. Dept. / Hospital / College / MGMIHS Before complaining to regulatory bodies is mandatory.

Sr.No. Designation Student Name Program Contact No Email Id
President Ms. Shubhangi Dubey M.Sc. Medical Biotechnology 7506976865
Vice President Ms. Nausheen Palawkar Masters in Hospital Administration 9833608182
Secretary Ms. Jeel Shah M.Sc. Clinical Embryology 9588912000
Joint Secretary Chetna Sikhwal M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition 8308472754
Treasurer Mr. Ram Kumar Msters in Public Health 9171911064
Joint Treasurer Mr. Hrushikesh Aher M.Sc. Medical Genetics 8767375459
Editorial Secretary Ms. Ruhina Khan Masters in Hospital Administration 8424876939
Joint Editorial Secretary Ms. Monica Movies B.Sc. OTAT 7045181412
Cultural Secretary Dr. Shweta Manjardekar Masters in Hospital Administration 9082791096
Joint Cultural Secretary Ms. Amreen Padaya B.Sc. MRIT 8291480151
Joint Cultural Secretary Ms. Suminisha Shaikh B.Sc. OTAT 8108983811
Sports Secretary Mr. Daniel Msters in Public Health 9751392893
Joint Sports Secretary Mr. Ashwin Pawar B. Optometry 9769549388

Sr.No. Designation Faculty Name Designation Contact No Email Id
Principal Dr. Mansee Thakur Professor & Director 2227437631
Student Advisor Dr. Himanshu Gupta Asst. Professor, Dept of Biotechnology 7021927739
Cultural advisor Mrs. Anamika Chalwadi Coordinator, B.Sc. MLT 9833704244
Sports advisor Mr. Subodh Rahate Coordinator, B.Sc. MRIT 9869531053
Finance advisor Mr. D. B. Lohot Accountant 8652693377
Literary Mrs. Supriya Pawar Sr. Administrator 9833803528

The Role of the Committee:

  • First and foremost to develop the student-teacher relationship bond.
  • Listening to students problems and understanding what is required for their development in any manner.
  • Addressing the feedbacks of students regarding different areas of curriculum and resolving the issues with no or little efforts from the students.
  • Addressing the issues from parents and resolving them to whatever the needs are.
  • Conducting periodic meetings to talk over student welfare. By organizing activities and facilitating student interests.
  • Managing the needs for extracurricular activities for students i.g. music, sports, etc.
Sr.No. Name Qualification Designation
Dr. Mansee Thakur Ph.D.(Biotechnology) Professor & Director
Dr. Raman P. Yadav Ph.D.(Biotechnology) Professor
Dr. Himanshu Rajat Gupta Ph.D.(Genetics) Assistant Professor
Dr. Priyanka Pareek Ph.D.(Clinical Nutrition) Assistant professor
Mr. Yogesh Navalsing Patil M.Sc.(Medical Biotechnology) Tutor
Mrs. Chandana Charudatta Kulkarni M.Sc. (Medical Biotechnology) Tutor
Mrs. Priyanka Rathod M.Sc. (Biotechnology) Tutor
Ms. Panikar Surya Anand Sheela M.Sc.(Medical Genetics) Tutor
Mr. Rohit Indrakumar Gupta M. (Optometry) Tutor
Mr. Pratik Sanjay Morade B.Sc. Medical Dialysis Technology Tutor
Mrs. Anamika Chalwadi M.Sc. (Microbiology) Tutor
Mr. Tulpule Shreeyash Shashank B.Sc. (Cardiac Care Technology) Tutor