Our Facilities

Healthy & Hygienic Food

We believe our commitment for quality in all aspects of food service is unrivalled. We deliver a wide range of fresh food via our Catering Teams, providing truly personalised menus and food solutions.

The objective of the Canteen and meal service is to protect by reducing the risk of food borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions and preventing adulterated food. From the very beginning of the College in 2003, the College Canteen has been functioning efficiently. The canteen is located inside the College. The hostellers and day scholars are provided meals by assuring food safety and quality.

The students who come from faraway places, start their journey to the College early in the morning. For them mid-day meal is provided. Even many day-scholars use canteen facility for their breakfast and evening tea with snacks. Presently there are 130 students in the two hostels of the College. They are provided with three meals a day, bed coffee and evening tea/coffee.

The Management of the Canteen is directly under the control of College Administration. The Contractor of the Canteen is selected according to the available and suitable quotations.A well experienced person in food services management, his team is managing, the canteen of MGM IHS. Students and staff of the College are benefited by the College canteen.

Menu will be planned by the assigned team of Management and instructions will be given to the Contractor. The contract of the Canteen will be renewed every year. Periodical meeting will be conducted by the team of Management and Contractor in order to appraise the function of Canteen. Liberalization of food trade, growing consumer demand, physical set up and sanitary conditions are also discussed during appraisal. Also suggestions, complaints and problems of the food consumers are taken into consideration.

The waste utilization of the canteen is efficiently done through the waste recycling plant installed in the campus.
Only one common eating facility (canteen facility) shall be provided in the campus for day scholars, hostellers, guests of the College, teaching and non-teaching staff of the College. The management is fully committed to keeping the quality of the canteen for the utmost benefit of all concerned.

Our Classrooms..

In order to provide proper learning environment to our studentsMGM School of Biomedical Sciences has well equipped dedicated class rooms for seating capacity of 150+ students in bigger classrooms and 40 students in smaller classrooms. The classroom walls are so designed to prevent sound intrusion from adjacent spaces.

The classrooms are well ventilated and furnished and equipped with celling mounted fixed overhead LCD projectors and voice reinforcement facility with chalk boards, white screen and well-spaced seating arrangements. Larger classrooms are AC equipped to enable interactive teaching learning. We have departmental libraries and a common conference/seminar room for presentations.

Bus Service

The University has its own fleet of buses plying in all the areas of Navi Mumbai and Panvel for faculty, students and staff. The College has adequate buses which are made available to the students and the faculty members for commuting from various points in the city. All students should make use of the college transport or should stay in the hostel. This facility has made it possible to start the classes in time and thereby helping the academic process. Our bus facilities have enabled us to maintain discipline among students.

Hostel Facilities

MGM IHS has separate hostels for boys and girls each with all modern facilities, for boarding and other recreational activities. The hostels have their own mess to provide good and hygienic food to the students. Hostel accommodation will be provided on a first come first served basis.

Quality objectives

To provide good residential facilities with a neat environment.
To provide nutritious food.
To improve the team spirit, cooperation and value elders whom the students meet.

Ocean of Information...

The Institute’s Library is well equipped with Journals, Magazines not only in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics but also various other allied professional courses.

Welcome to the MGM IHS Library. We offer a diverse collection of books, eBooks, DVDs, & online databases, as well as a number of services including research, help you further yours knowledge. Let us help you make your college experience a successful one!